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Leonard Smith has represented the Texas Propane Gas Association for ten years and has provided us with excellent counsel. He is readily available and timely in responding to our needs. Over the years I have brought Mr. Smith a variety of legal questions and concerns relating to our industry. His legal advice and knowledge have been invaluable. Mr. Smith has the ability to communicate complicated legal issues to a wide audience and to clearly articulate those issues to our Association membership. Mr. Smith has successfully argued on our behalf to City Councils, City staffs, Railroad Commissioners, Commission staff, and the Texas Legislature. His expertise has been a great asset to our Association.

—Bill Van Hoy

Executive Director
Texas Propane Gas Association

Mr. Smith represented our firm in negotiations over an annexation agreement with a local municipality. His personal experience in municipal governance, adept parsing of legal principles, and focused efforts to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes were integral to our success. We appreciate the value he provides and whole-heartedly recommend him to others. 

—Riverside Resources

Leonard Smith is one of the smartest people I know. The Texas Land Developers Association has been fortunate enough to have him in our corner, representing our industry interests for several years, before the Texas Legislature and local governments.  Leonard's counsel is sound, and his knowledge of the law impeccable.  Leonard's guidance has been invaluable in navigating complicated policy, legal, and regulatory issues.  Leonard is accessible, responsive, thoughtful, and articulate.  Leonard has made himself indispensable to our Association, and to a number of our individual members as well (including my company).

—Krys Weyand

President, Texas Land Developers Association
Santa Cruz Properties

I have worked with Leonard Smith since 1986. We have even tried  several cases together. My only wish at this point is that I could get him to my firm. Leonard is a very smart, inquisitive, creative lawyer, one focused on solving problems, rather than hypothecating about lawyer issues. He can figure out your problem, and fix it, be it legal, governmental , or personal.


On a side note, I know that Leonard is a man of faith, and conducts himself that way. One of the few people I would trust with my children, clients, wife, or even my wallet. What more can I say. Just a great guy, and a great, trustworthy lawyer. I'm proud that I played a small role in training him. He outgrew me pretty quickly.


Go slay more dragons, Leonard. You were obviously born to do so.


—George P. Slade

Leonard has worked on my real estate deals for several years. He has become a trusted part of my team. Leonard has provided valuable advice and counsel on my most challenging sales and acquisitions. He helps my team cover all bases before I sign on the bottom lime. I look forward to working with Leonard on more transactions in 2023 and beyond!

—Greg Crone

Owner, Crone Development

I am a commercial developer in Central Texas. I’ve hired Leonard Smith in two separate disputes with a local government. Leonard has literally saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars! Whenever I need an experienced attorney to stand up for my property rights, I’ll call Leonard. He’s easy to talk to, knowledgeable, helped me understand my legal position, and presented me with clear options. Leonard is a zealous advocate and can negotiate with the best. Aside from all the lawyer stuff Leonard does really well, the man is a good person! I am proud to call him a friend and my attorney for life! Thank you, Leonard, for all your incredible work as always!


—Brent Mullens

We recently learned that a dispute with a local government is complex and fast-moving. When we needed legal counsel we decided it is best to go with the best. Leonard Smith’s extensive experience in municipal law was key and enabled him to quickly make sense of a jumble of issues and to construct a smart presentation of our case. His confident and enthusiastic representation made us feel the same. Sometimes a local government needs to be forcefully reminded that citizens and taxpayers have rights.  When that time comes, Leonard Smith is the lawyer to call.

—Mary & Dan McMahon

Our company has retained Leonard to represent us in two separate cases.  Both cases were challenging, but Leonard obtained very favorable results for us. Leonard has a calm and reassuring demeanor, which was helpful because we found the many uncertainties of litigation to be unsettling. Leonard helped us to understand the procedural steps of a lawsuit, helped us to gather file materials, and guided us thru the cases to very favorable results. I will never hesitate to call Leonard should we need a lawyer in the future and thank him profusely for seeing us successfully through two difficult situations. Thank you, Leonard!  We are so grateful for you!!

—Linda Terry

Linscot Enterprises, Inc.

I reside in St. Louis, Missouri and was in need of a lawyer in Austin, Texas as my elderly aunt had passed away in early January 2021 without a will.  I was referred to Leonard Smith by my son’s good friend, an attorney in St. Louis.


I engaged Leonard shortly after our initial phone conversation. Immediately, I felt a sincere trust in Leonard's experience, knowledge, ethics, personal values and communication skills. Leonard clearly described the probate process and accurately estimated the case duration of time due to the on-going Covid pandemic.


Leonard’s patience and guidance in gathering all the necessary background information of the 13 heirs was invaluable. His knowledge of the system was priceless when one of the heirs suddenly passed away during this time. I expected this legal situation to be stressful, especially being out of state and never having met Leonard face-to-face. However, Leonard’s dedication, direction, and legal acumen made it very manageable. Personally, after dealing with lawyers in a business environment for 30 plus years, I highly recommend Leonard Smith for your legal needs.

—William G. Eultgen

We found ourselves in a complex land dispute that could have a sizable and negative financial impact on our land and our business.  Our real estate attorney referred us to Leonard Smith.  We were very worried and first contacted Leonard after normal business hours.  Leonard returned our call within 30 minutes.  We provided Leonard with an overview of the land dispute, as well as documents, and  Leonard agreed to represent us.

Our case was not easy and involved too many challenges to list.  Leonard assessed and addressed all of them.  The opposing parties had 4 attorneys.  We had Leonard, who managed to settle our case out of court and to obtain a better deal for us than we had before the dispute arose.


We could not be more pleased with Leonard as a person and a lawyer.  He has the ability and patience to explain complex issues in a way we could understand.  Leonard was very responsive to our questions and kept us informed at every step through a difficult process.  He explained our options, worked hard to control the costs and risks we faced, and managed to find common ground so that we could settle on very favorable terms.  Leonard performed beyond our expectations.  Leonard is unique in his profession, and we were blessed to have him represent us.

—Pamela & Eric Daviscourt

Our family has been fortunate to benefit from the legal services of Leonard Smith on two separate occasions. We found his representation of our interests to be professional, responsive in a timely manner, and extremely effective in achieving the desired resolution for the issues at hand. Without hesitation, we would reach out to Leonard for assistance with legal matters as they arise in our future and have recommended him frequently to friends and associates seeking legal counsel.

—Susan Bushart

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Leonard Smith as an attorney and counselor at law. I have known Leonard as a colleague and trusted friend for over thirty years and I met his lovely wife Janis while they were still courting. Together they have raised three great children as Leonard has pursued a stellar legal career.

Leonard Smith is a good trial lawyer. He has all the natural skills and instincts of a lawyer who can persuade both judge and jury. He is unusually able academically for a trial lawyer having legal research and briefing skills more akin to an appellate specialist. That ability can be the great equalizer at trial against a less prepared opponent when your case isn’t as strong as you would like.

I have had the opportunity to try a couple of lawsuits with Leonard but my fondest memory is when he was only a summer associate at our law firm and he had made himself indispensable on a case of mine so I took him to trial as second chair. (He might not have actually been indispensable but he was convinced he was and he earned it, so what the heck.) When I was asked for a report on the star of our summer crop I told them Leonard had done just fine and, in fact, I appreciated all I learned from him. It’s fair to say he’s been teaching me ever since much to my benefit and I would trust him with any legal job he feels able to handle.

—Stephen W. Harris*

Harris Law Firm

*Board Certified Civil Trial & Personal Injury Trial Law

Texas Board of Legal Specialization

I have worked with Leonard Smith for many years when I need legal expertise. I am a small business owner and have used Leonard's services for lease preparation, contract negotiation and most recently in a personal litigation suit. I cannot recommend Leonard enough as he is a strategic thinker with top notch communication skills at a fair price. I feel confident with Leonard's legal knowledge and with his judicious time and effort he puts forth to service his client's needs. I will always go to Leonard first for any legal needs! 

—Victoria Owan

As Mayor and a member of the Cedar Park City Council, I worked with Leonard for many years. He served as our City Attorney from 1994 to 2006. I could always rely on Leonard’s honesty and wise counsel. Leonard and I worked together on many projects, some large like the Cedar Park HEB Center and others small. Leonard handled each project, large or small, with care and attention to detail.  Leonard delivered many successful results in challenging circumstances. I highly recommend Leonard for your legal needs.

—Bob Lemon

Leonard's skills as an attorney are top-notch. None better.

—Bob Antle

I operate a small business here in the Austin area. Recently I found myself in need of legal assistance to resolve a business matter. I consider myself very fortunate to have been represented by Leonard Smith. His preparation and thorough attention to detail was unmatched, resulting in a very favorable outcome for my business. I strongly recommend Mr. Smith for his intelligence, preparedness and dedication to my case. Legal matters can be stressful and difficult, but Leonard Smith inspired confidence and made the entire process painless.

—Ronnie Rigdon

Leonard Smith is an excellent, knowledgeable attorney. I hired Leonard to represent me in a deeply hurtful business dispute. Leonard helped me gather background information and promptly got the suit on file. Once it was on file, Leonard moved quickly to get the case before a judge. Leonard prepared me well for our hearing and presented my case professionally and ethically. The judge ruled in my favor on all issues.

—Patti Lemon

My wife and I engaged Leonard Smith to assist us in regard to the proposal of a major cell phone service provider to dramatically increase the height of a cell tower near our home. Leonard worked with us to educate the decision makers and to prepare for the hearing. He did a magnificent job in his presentation of the argument against this project which resulted in the proposal being withdrawn. We were very pleased with the outcome and grateful for Leonard’s assistance. 

—Karen & Jack Downing

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